14 Good Reasons Why Star Trek is Better Than Star Wars

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From: Cmdr.Radac (cmdr.ra…@hi.hinet.hr)
Subject: A zašto ja volim Star Trek
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Date: 2002-12-15 14:15:03 PST

14 Good Reasons why Star Trek is better than Star Wars

1. Just how many Star Trek films have been made?
2. None of Star Trek’s leading characters have an interminable breathing
3. Star Trek doesn’t have to resort to using petty telekinetic forces to
make some action
4. Star Wars creators obviously can’t count as they made 4, 5, and 6
5. Strangely enough, all the leading ships in Star Wars are totally
invincible to enemy fire
6. Star Wars storyline is either so difficult to understand, or so badly
written, that they need to tell us it by scrolling it on the screen before
the film starts
7. Isn’t there some slight similarity between the ‘photon’ and ‘proton’
8. And which was created first?
9. Which sound better: a ‘hyperdrive motivator’ or a ‘warp core’?
10. Star Trek doesn’t have some stupid hairy monster out of Bigfoot and
the Hendersons
11. One word: Q.
12. DS9’s Dabo girls vs. no women at Tatooine’s spaceport bar.
13. Data would kick C3P0’s metal ass.
14. The new special effects on the trilogy don’t even come close to the
effects on the DS9 episode, Sacrifice of Angels

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