Troubleshooting · January 21, 2012 0

Gmail Marks Your Own Domain Name Email as Spam

I have my own domain and on it, I have the email, which is created using cPanel email options. Every time I send email with it to certain gmail account, it ends up being marked as spam. How to solve this situation?

I had exactly the same issue on my server, and here is how I solved it.

First you need to check is your server IP blacklisted as spam source on

Type your domain name (without www) and hit MX Lookup.

After that click on Blacklist Check link and see is your server IP blacklisted. If yes, contact your hosting, if not follow the steps bellow.

In most cases (if your server IP is not blacklisted) you are not having SPF and DomainKeys options enabled inside your CPanel Email Authentication settings.

To enable DomainKeys and SPF on your cPanel account follow these steps:

1. Open CPanel of your account
2. Click on Email Authentication under Mail settings.

3. Click on Enable buttons under DomainKeys section and SPF section.
4. Under advanced settings add your email domain and other domains from which maybe you will use the email into all fields…
5. Add domain where your IP address actually resolve (you can find where your server IP resolve by using this resolver).
6. Save the settings.

Now when you send email from your own domain to Gmail, your message will have proper SPF and DomainKeys in the email headers and will not end up in spam.