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14 Non Essential But Useful WordPress Plugins

In previous post I mentioned 10 Must Have Plugins for WordPress and this time I am going to mention couple of plugins which I think are not essential, but are making life easier for people dealing with WordPress.


Flickr Shortcode Importer

This awesome plugin can import Flickr links into content images at the snap of the finger and up to everything it gives proper credits for creative common licensed images.  You need to setup in your media setting to which size FSI will resize images and then just search the Flickr creative commons archive and copy paste the embed image code. During publishing your inserted images will be downloaded, saved with nice name, resized and inserted. I used this plugin on www.travelcheckpoint.com and as you can see it works like a charm.

Hotlink 2 Link

This plugin helps people to copy your site images and use on another site. Each image copied and used links back to your site or post. If you don’t sorry your bandwith in exchange for couple of extra backlinks then this plugin is perfect for you.

ImageMagick Engine

This plugin replace default image engine used by WordPress (GD Libray) with ImageMahick one. End blurred resized images once for all. Perfect plugin for photo blogs.

WordPress Popular Posts

Most popular posts widget with thumbnails.

Advanced Most Recent Posts Mod

Display most recent posts from selected categories or current category or all posts with thumbnail images (optional).


This nifty plugin execute your PHP code inserted inside posts and pages.


Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors.

RSS Image Feed

Adds the first image of the post to the normal feeds of your blog. It does not matter if you use setting for full post or excerpt.

Revision Control

With the revisions feature of WordPress, it doesn’t take long for your database to get bloated and begin slowing down your site. With the Revision Control WordPress Plugin you can limit the number of post revisions that remain in storage.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

Nicely format your code.

Advanced Custom Field

Take control of the custom fields WordPress feature and use them anywhere in your templates.


Take control of your tables and swiftly edit or import from anywhere.